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ARMIR company was founded in 2006, since then we have been developing to do everything to satisfy our customers. Providing the best service our warehouses are located in four locations: Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Mysłowice, Wrocław, Oborniki Wielkopolskie.
The wide range of services offered by ARMIR allows the individual approach to particular customers. It gives the customers planning security and minimisation of costs
ARMIR fulfils orders to central warehouses of retail chains, distributors and wholesale customers. Through many years of experience in frozen food logistics industry we focus on transport at controlled temperature ranging from deep-frozen to fresh products.
We deliver goods to final recipient, from one pallet to semi-trailer full of pallets.

ARMIR modern logistics is based on:

  • Individual approach to each customer
  • Highly flexible service
  • Cross-dock warehouses with a possibility to store frozen goods for a short period of time
  • Constant control of temperature in the supply chain
  • Comprehensive financial services


We gain competitive advantage by focusing on the quality of offered services and striving for our customers’ satisfaction as well as constant development of the company. We wish ourselves and our customers endless kilometers of joint success.


To be among the leaders in the branch of frozen food logistics

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